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The Short Mic Holder Story

In Memory
Michael Timothy Short

In May, 2003, my son, Michael Timothy Short, a Level One Reserve Police Officer (Badge # 225) with the San Fernando Police Department (CA), was talking to me about some of his law enforcement experiences. One thing that concerned Michael was how easily his portable radio microphone could become dislodged. He said that it sometimes fell off his shirt during foot pursuits or while physically arresting someone. He was concerned about the increased risk this posed to law enforcement personnel in general. Mike told me that he was in the process of inventing a prototype device which would help keep the microphone from falling completely off the uniform shirt, which would therefore keep it readily available to allow communications to occur.

Because of my 35-plus years of manufacturing experience, Michael asked me to help him by discussing refining and manufacturing this device. We agreed to have dinner on Tuesday evening, May 27, 2003. On Tuesday, before our dinner date, I stopped by Mike's office and picked up a prototype Mic Holder. Shortly afterward, at about 4:00 P.M., Michael called and told me that the police department needed him, and that we needed to reschedule our dinner to Wednesday, May 28th. That meeting never occurred. Michael passed away early Wednesday morning, the 28th of May, 2003.

For nearly four years, the prototype of the microphone safety holder which Michael gave me remained in my office (which I actually refer to as Michael's office). It was there surrounded by Michael's photos and all his awards. There are awards from The City of San Fernando, the San Fernando Police Department, the County of Los Angeles, and more from the State of California. Unbeknownst to me, Mike had distributed some of these prototype Mic Holders to his peers at San Fernando P.D. prior to his death.

Over the years, I've stayed in touch with Michael's Field Training Officer and close friend, Adrian Flores, and we have become very close friends. In early 2007, Adrian called and told me that another San Fernando Reserve Officer, Art Lesmez (who first met Michael when Art was teaching at the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Academy where Michael attended and who later worked with Michael in Patrol), wanted to reach the family regarding continuing the production of the microphone safety device. Adrian then proceeded to tell me that new officers had been asking how they could get one of the prototype microphone holders.

I called Art and we met. He told me that he felt that Michael had devised a tactical item which would be very well received in law enforcement, emergency services, as well as other related fields, as an important safety tool. He explained how it worked and why it was so valuable. Art and I collaborated, modified and improved on the design Michael had conceived.

We believe that the widespread introduction and use of this device will reduce the potential for injury and save lives in the emergency services community, as it has in the City of San Fernando. Subsequently, my daughter-in-law (Michelle), Art, my wife (Carol), and I, formed a corporation: MTS 911 WEAR, INC. We filed an application for a patent for this device, which we named THE SHORT MIC HOLDER, a play on words for Michael Short's prototype device. We hope you'll use your SHORT MIC HOLDER on every shift.

Marvin Short.

Officer Michael Timothy Short's Memorial Site:


Officer Michael Timothy Short's name was enscribed on the
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in May, 2010.

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